With trends coming and going and new seasons bringing in fresh colours and demands, it can be hard to keep up with changing designs and adapt our kitchens to make sure they look their best year-round. However, with the right base and tools, you’ll be able to ensure your kitchen space feels perfect in every season and becomes the real heart of your home.

If you are considering a DIY kitchen makeover, or just need some inspiration for some kitchen styles, read on to discover our top tips for ensuring your kitchen is perfectly styled.


Make sure you have a strong and simple base to work with

When you are getting a kitchen makeover, starting with a strong and simple base can be a great advantage if you plan to customise with accessories. Bright-coloured cabinets may be tempting and can look brilliant, however, they might not work if you have an ever-changing style. Instead, opting for neutral tones will mean that you are free to add your own touches and means you aren’t limited by your basic kitchen design.


Have key items and areas that will be easily adaptable

The main trick to ensuring you have a kitchen that can be adapted to each season is having key items and areas of the room that you plan to transition with the seasons. It’s unrealistic to think you’ll give the whole room a coat of paint to match the colour-themes of a month, but you could very easily swap out cushions on your seating, replace a centrepiece and change wall art.


When starting your kitchen makeover, highlight a handful of items/areas that you will make adaptable. Then, when you are at the builder’s merchants or interior store you can pick up a selection of options for those places perfect for each season.

Rachel Newcombe from Fresh Design Blog explained how you can execute this: “Be inspired by the colours associated with each season and use accessories to style them into your kitchen in a low-cost, easy-to-achieve manner. For example, colours such as burnt orange, copper, terracotta and rust red are typically associated with autumn and can provide a sense of warmth and cosiness inside as the weather gets colder outside.

“Use accessories such as copper pots and pans, terracotta or red pieces of china, soft furnishings such as blinds or seat pads on kitchen chairs and tea towels to bring these colours into your kitchen. Filling your kitchen with the scent of autumnal aromas, like pumpkin pie or cinder toffee, will add another dimension to your styling.”


Don’t look for form over function

At the end of the day, the kitchen is the heart of the home and still has to work for you. So, although you may love the look of kitchen makeover ideas with open-door storage, if you’ve got little ones who can’t keep organised this may not be the right move for your space.

Before you start a kitchen makeover, make sure you really take stock of what you have in the kitchen and the ways in which you use your kitchen. Maybe you’re someone who loves to bake and needs plenty of counter space, or perhaps your kitchen is more of a functional room that you don’t use outside of mealtimes? There is no overall right or wrong answer, there is just the right answer for you.

If you aren’t sure where to start, you could always look to a professional team for advice and guidance. We spoke to the team at Simon Cooke Interiors, who told us: “Although there are many ways you can make your kitchen an attractive yet functional space, if you’re looking for that wow-factor, you may want to consider hiring a kitchen designer. Not only can they help you design your dream kitchen, but many kitchen designers will also take care of the manufacturing and installation process too – keeping your informed every step of the way.

“No matter how unique your needs are, a kitchen design company will be able to ensure your new kitchen not only looks amazing but is also highly practical for your lifestyle.”

Kitchen makeover ideas for every season

So, now you know how to make sure your space is ready, what kind of features can you incorporate during each season, so it’s styled perfectly? We offer our suggestions below.


Kitchen style ideas for spring

Spring is all about rebirth, with fresh and light colours being the name of the game. During the spring months, you should try to bring in light tones, pastels are perfect, and of course, utilise some fresh flowers. Daffodils are the perfect choice as they are an indication spring has sprung. If you also want to bring in something a bit different, why not look to pay homage to some spring animals? Bunnies and lambs are key. You could bring these in, in the form of models, or in a more subtle way using prints and designs.


Kitchen style ideas for summer

Summer is the perfect time for fun, as it’s a time for bright colours and hosting. As well as ensuring you have bright colours, try to bring in some simple alfresco dining features. This could mean setting up a small basket of cutlery and crockery ready to take into the garden or even creating a bar area ready for a garden party.


Kitchen style ideas for autumn

As the weather starts to turn colder and the evenings draw in, autumn is when leaves turn from green to orange and so too should your design. Warm, tertiary colours like burnt oranges, browns and reds can bring in an autumnal feeling in no time. And, as the time of harvest, creating focal points around the room using seasonal vegetables like squashes and pumpkins really sets the tone.

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