A guide for the best winter workwear for tradespeople

A guide for the best winter workwear for tradespeople

Being a tradesperson in the winter can be a lot more challenging than in the summer where warmer days and brighter evenings make working conditions a lot more comfortable. Although winter means darker nights, it doesn’t have to mean being cold. Not only does staying warm keep those working outside comfortable, but it can also keep them safer in the workplace.

In this article, we take a look at some of the best winter workwear for tradespeople that’ll keep those working outdoors warm, dry and safe from the elements.

Safety boots

Builders workwear boots

Work boots and safety footwear are a staple for any tradesperson or outdoor worker, but as winter hits it is important to make sure your choice of footwear is up to scratch. Not only does your choice of footwear keep you safe from the cold, but it’ll also protect you from any dropped tools or supplies.

Hix Magazine explain a little more on their website about the importance of wearing the right work boots: “Work boots are designed to provide you with a range of benefits that help you on and off the worksite. They can improve your productivity and keep the dangerous side-effects of a lifetime of hard labour at bay. Unfortunately, there are many workers who choose to leave their work boots behind for one reason or another. Sure, work boots may not be the most stylish thing you can wear to work. In many cases, these boots can even weigh you down. However, ditching the boots for something that’s not designed to accommodate your needs can prove to be dangerous for you and everyone around you.”

Lightweight Safety Trainers

If you’re looking for a lighter weight trainer as opposed to a boot, the Navy Halo 2 Lightweight is the perfect option and is great for those looking for comfort over safety. Featuring a sports-style build, this trainer offers flexibility and padding for extra comfort and safety.

Cheviot Safety Boots

Resembling more of a walking boot style, the Scruffs Black Cheviot Safety Boots offer a more robust protection than the Lightweight Safety Trainers. Hard-wearing with an aluminium toe, these boots are perfect for those working with heavy equipment and who want peace of mind that their feet are safe.


You can’t enjoy your new and comfortable work boots without investing in the best quality socks. Without socks you’ll soon find your boots rubbing and your feet getting cold and wet.

Tom from the UK Construction Blog recommends thinking about what sort of socks you are wearing in winter: “Our one piece of advice for colleagues working in the construction industry over the cold winter months is to look after your feet – and the best way to do this is by choosing suitable socks for the cold months. Cotton socks can be perfectly fine for the summer, but as soon as the colder months arrive – they are not up to the job. If your feet get wet whilst wearing cotton socks, they will no longer be effective at insulating your feet. We recommend that you choose socks made from wool, or a synthetic wool mix to ensure your feet stay warm over the winter months.”

Opting for a thicker or thermal pair of socks will protect your feet from all the elements and as Tom mentions, wool socks are a particularly great choice for the winter months.

Worker trousers

Man standing on roof

In summer, you may stick to wearing worker shorts or thinner style trousers, but as the temperature drops, it is wise to invest in some full-length trousers and thicker workwear options for extra insulation. Full-length trousers will not only protect you from the cold, but will also protect your legs from any falls, bumps or scrapes you may come by.

Black Worker Trousers

The Scruffs Black Worker Trousers are the perfect option for the colder months of the year, offering a little more protection as well as practicality features like large pockets, knee pads and triple stitching.

You may want to opt for thicker worker trousers, so the options with padding, insulation and a range of thermal protection are perfect for those who feel the cold a little more.

Rain suits

Waterproof coats and clothing

Winter often brings wet weather and without the right waterproof workwear, the rain can often make those working outdoors feel cold and miserable, so ensuring you have the right waterproof gear to hand is crucial.

Not only will waterproof coats and trousers protect you from the rain, keeping you dry, but they will also keep you warm, something that is often taken for granted when working outdoors.

Building Products comment on the use of waterproofs on their website: “Make sure you are wearing the right PPE and extra clothing suitable for the job and the weather conditions. This usually involves using several layers of clothing, as well as waterproofs or wind-resistant fabrics where necessary. Also choose water-resistant footwear, with enhanced slip resistance or ice grips if required.”

Two-Piece Rain Suit

The Scruffs Black Two-Piece Rain Suit is a two-piece perfect for rainy days outdoors. Made from durable PVC, with taped seams and adjusters, the tailored fit offers seamless protection from all the elements, keeping you warm and dry without the need for heavy and uncomfortable fabrics.

Gripper gloves

builders hat and gloves

Gloves and protection and injury support are often worn outdoors and on construction or building sites for safety reasons and to protect the hands from damage and injuries. However, they can also be used for warmth on those colder days.

Gripper gloves are perfect for those who are often tackling different jobs on a day-to-day basis, as with added grips to prevent accidents, they are also relatively thick, which in-turn insulates the natural heat of the hands.

Blackrock Gripper Gloves

Heavy-duty latex grippers make the Blackrock Gripper Gloves a popular choice for many tradesmen. The waterproof latex provides a strong and sturdy base, and they have an elasticated wrist for a secure fit – great for keeping the heat in! The breathable knitted back provides enhanced comfort too.

Next time you’re looking for sheet materials or metalwork for your upcoming projects, why not also take a look at our range of protective and winter workwear that’ll keep you safe and warm through the winter months.

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