Wherever you look around the house, there are plenty of jobs that need doing, and it’s easy to let the list pile up. One that you shouldn’t put to the back of your mind, however, is regular roof maintenance. Taking the brunt of the weather and being exposed to all conditions, it’s important to make sure your roof is well looked after so you can avoid damage and expensive repairs down the line. At RGB, we have plenty of roofing supplies available but in this guide, we highlight some top tips for keeping your roof in great condition, helping you protect your home over the months and years ahead.

Inspect your roof regularly

The first step towards a healthy roof is by giving it a regular inspection. If you never look at your roof or do so irregularly, you will not be aware of developing issues until it’s too late. Make time to get up on the roof so you can assess its general state. You will want to look for things like missing tiles, damage, rotting wood, and debris.

Professional roof repairs company RW Leivers Roofing suggests inspecting your roof three times a year and have the following advice for when these inspections should take place: “The harsh British winter can have an impact on your roof, so make sure that you inspect for any signs of damage in the early spring season. Our summers are also getting a lot more intense, so check for any signs of damage from harmful UV rays in early autumn. Remember, weather conditions can be one of the primary reasons your roof deteriorates.”

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Replace damaged tiles quickly

If you have noticed that your roof has damaged tiles or shingles during your inspection, make sure that you get on the case of replacing them as soon as possible. If you hesitate or delay in replacing roof tiles, you can leave your home susceptible to water leaks, creating further water damage related issues inside your home and the woodwork of your roof. If you are inspecting your roof regularly and replacing damaged tiles and shingles right away, you can stay on top of things and prevent damage, saving yourself a lot of pain down the road.

Keep your gutters clear

Your gutters are a key component in maintaining a healthy roof. If they are not working correctly, all sorts of water damage can occur, ruining your roof and your property in the process. Therefore, you will want to add gutter maintenance to your list of regular jobs, keeping them clear of leaves as much as possible. Leaves quickly pile up in gutters, especially over autumn, preventing water from flowing down.

Nigel, from the blog DIY Daddy, emphasised this as his top tip when it comes to roof maintenance: “The first tip is to make sure all your gutters are cleaned out and the rainwater is running freely away. If not, this can damage the lower roof and will need replacing. Cleaning out the gutters should be done in the spring and autumn.”

Stay on top of any debris

Another important step is to keep the roof itself clear from debris. With wind and rain, all sorts of items like tree branches and leaves can get stuck on your roof. Branches can cause damage to your roof and gutters so it’s important to stay vigilant. If you have overhanging trees, consider trimming the branches back regularly to avoid debris as much as possible.

Cutting back overhanging trees is a tip that Nigel from DIY Daddy recommends: “Make sure that any branches from trees are not overhanging or sitting on the roof. This can cause damage to the roof tiles, and they may end up needing to be replaced. So, check regularly and cut back any overhanging tree branches.”

They might look nice, but the damage caused by low hanging branches can be considerable once stormy weather hits. Of course, it might not be safe for you to do this yourself, so consider reaching out to a professional tree surgeon if necessary.

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Keep your roof clean

It’s not just replacing what’s broken when it comes to good roof maintenance but keeping your roof clean will also be a contributing factor. Making sure your roof is clean will help keep it in good condition, especially when it comes to eliminating things like moss. When moss grows on your roof, it holds water, which can lead to eventual damage like rot and shingle deterioration, so brush it off as soon as you see it. If it has been there for a while, try chlorine bleach and follow this helpful guide about moss removal.

Roof maintenance tips

  • Inspect your roof regularly
  • Replace damaged tiles quickly
  • Keep your gutters clear
  • Stay on top of any debris
  • Keep your roof clean

We hope these tips have been useful. We have plenty more advice and guides over on our blog and we are here to help with whatever home DIY or professional jobs you have coming up. Whether you need power tool accessories or insulation, browse our site today.

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