Small kitchens can feel like a challenge, but with a few clever tricks and strategic organisation, you can transform your compact kitchen into a culinary haven. Here's how to maximise space and functionality in a small kitchen:

Storage Solutions

  • Embrace the vertical: Utilise wall space with cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling. Install shelves, hooks, or even pot racks to hang frequently used items
  • Think drawers, not shelves: Drawers offer a clearer view of what you have and make better use of deep cabinets. Consider drawer dividers for organising utensils and silverware
  • Corner magic: Don't waste those awkward corners! Install pull-out shelves to make the most of space
  • Open shelving (carefully): Open shelves can create an airy feel, but be mindful of clutter. Only display attractive items and use containers for a polished look

Space-Saving Strategies

  • Declutter ruthlessly: Be honest about what you truly use. Donate or sell appliances and gadgets that gather dust
  • Multitasking marvels: Look for appliances that serve multiple purposes, like a pressure cooker that can also slow cook or steam
  • The power of light: Bright light makes a small space feel bigger. Maximizse natural light and use under-cabinet lighting for tasks


Design Hacks

  • Light and airy colors: Paint your walls and cabinets in light, reflective colors like white, cream, or pale blue
  • Reflective surfaces: Opt for glossy countertops or backsplashes to bounce light around the room
  • Stripes strategically: Vertical stripes on your walls can create the illusion of a higher ceiling


A small kitchen doesn't have to limit you. With a little planning and these smart ideas, you can create a functional and stylish space you'll enjoy for years to come. Our Kitchens team is available to offer design and planning advice – get in touch today to start your kitchen journey. or pop into one of our showrooms to be inspired. 

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