TIMCO Landscape Project Fixings

It's the perfect time of year for completing any outstanding landscaping projects and TIMCO have just the fixings for this!

As a trusted brand providing quality products there will be no problems relying on these screws, bolts and supports.



Here's a selection of our favourites:


SOLO Decking Screws

This economic but highly effective soft wood decking screw is plated to withstand up ot 500 hours in a salt spray cabinet. It also designed to provide a rapid installation and secure fixing.

Get your tub of 1000 (4.5x60) online now for just £27.48 inc VAT!


Fence Support

Drive in post spikes are a quick and easy way to erect fencing and garden posts as they require no digging or concreting into place, saving time and money. They feature a 4 fin steel spike to ensure a solid, permanent, wind resistant fit. The system prevents against rot and decay as it will hold the base of the post above ground level.

Browse online here.


Multi-Fix Masonry Bolt Anchors

The TIMCO research and development team has spent over four years deveoping the Multi-Fix bolt. The unique patented concave thread design taps its own thread and provides a rapid, low torque installation with exceptional pull-out resistance. This stress-free, non-expansion through fixing is the new solution for heavy duty anchoring into concrete, brick, stone, wood and concrete block.

View the range here.


For more information about the TIMCO landscaping fixings collection, please contact us here or visit your local RGB branch.