Why decorating is a great activity when stuck at home

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At a time when so many of us are spending more time at home, finding ways to keep busy (and sane) can be a challenge. However, one activity that should certainly be considered is decorating. Using this time wisely is key and with decorating you can reap so many benefits. From distracting your mind away from global events to obtaining a daily sense of achievement, the rewards are clear to see. In this article, we highlight just a handful of reasons why you should consider a bit of home decorating during extended periods at home.

It's a great distraction

It can be easy in difficult times to become obsessed with the news and the uncertainty all around us. This is not a healthy lifestyle, however, and will soon impact your mental health in negative ways. So, it's important to find ways to take your mind off things. One of the best ways to escape the doom and gloom is to focus your mind on other tasks. Decorating is the perfect fit here as you can lose yourself in a new project that requires thought, concentration, and creativity.

From painting the kids' bedrooms to finally giving that tired kitchen a makeover, you can easily while away hours, days, and even weeks for larger projects. You will eventually realise that you haven't thought about current events all day and that your mood has been greatly improved as a result.

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It creates a sense of achievement

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When you are out of work or on furlough, it's common that a sense of purpose is removed from daily life. We are so used to getting up each day and heading to work, accomplishing goals and completing projects on a regular basis. When this suddenly gets removed from our lives, feeling aimless is far from rare. But it's important to try and replicate that feeling of purpose and achievement through other means.

Tackling a decorating project is a fantastic way of doing this. Planning out a decorating job at home and then seeing it through to completion will deliver that very sense of achievement that you have been missing. The pride you will feel at seeing a job well done, that you have used your time wisely, and have accomplished something valuable to you and your family, is a wonderful thing. But don't just take our word for it, see for yourself!

It's a great motivator to stay active

If you are stuck at home all day and have no incentive to do anything - such as going to work or taking the kids to school - becoming lazy and lethargic is hard to avoid. Shaun, from the motivation blog Stunning Motivation shares: "Motivation increases your effort. Without motivation, you may feel lazy and stay in a slumpy mood. You don't feel like taking action at all and you just want to waste time and do nothing."

It doesn't have to be this way, however, as this is where decorating comes in, acting as a wonderful motivator to get you up off the sofa and doing something active. If you have a decorating project ahead of you, you now have a goal to accomplish and a task to complete. Sitting around all day isn't an option. You will be up on your feet, moving around, busy transforming a part of your home. Your fitness and energy levels will thank you as a result.

You can create more peaceful spaces

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Reducing stress is key at times of high anxiety so creating spaces at home that can help accomplish this is important. Even during normal times, creating a peaceful corner to relax can bring great joy and serenity to home life. So why not gather your tools and go about making your home a more tranquil environment to live in?

Maxine, an interior designer and blogger at We Love Home, knows full well the importance of transforming the home into a place of calm: "With over 74% of us in the UK saying we feel overwhelmed or unable to cope in our daily lives, there is a need to build balance into our every day to make us feel happier and smile more. Creating a sense of calm, unity and flow is great for our mental health. And a great place to start is in our homes."

For many of us, the bedroom is a place that we want to be a bastion of peace but, unfortunately, it is anything but - especially for those of us with children. Kate, from the design, lifestyle, and home living blog Wit and Delight, had this very issue and found that decorating her bedroom was a big help: "It came back to the fact I didn't enjoy being there. It was a place of stress, where most of the late-night battles took place with the kids, and it was most certainly the place I would bury my face to muffle the sound of my screams - a necessary outlet for frustration and a safe place to save face."

Kate has a number of tips for this task, including: "We flanked each side of our bed with sconces that provided us with more room for personal effects that would signal, Hello, tired parent - it's time to connect with someone outside caring for your two toddlers."

You can tick off tasks you've always put off

If you're like the rest of us, you will probably have a list as long as your arm for chores and tasks around the home that you've been putting off. Well, guess what? Now, you finally have the time to start tackling your list. No excuses! Has the garden fence been in dire need of repair for years? Is the skirting in the living room at odds with your modern furniture? Whatever decorating jobs you have ahead of you, take each day at a time and start knocking them off.

Corey, from Hey There, Home - a blog full of decorating tips - has a little advice for those who know they have a big decorating task ahead but are not sure where to begin: "Before you can even begin thinking about style and the way things are going to look and feel, you've got to first think about the function of your space. Being very clear about how you want your space to function will ensure that you don't waste money on furniture and decor that you don't need."

It can be enjoyed together or alone

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Another wonderful benefit of decorating during times of isolation is the fact that no matter if you are living alone or a part of a large family, it can still be enjoyed. For those with a family, it can be a great way to spend time together apart from sitting in front of the TV. Getting the kids involved with small tasks or working together with your spouse to accomplish something can be very rewarding and even quite fun!

For those who are flying solo, decorating can be a really therapeutic exercise, a way to clear your mind of other things while engaging in an enjoyable and gratifying task during this period of extended isolation. When your friends ask you what you've been doing with your time, you can show them photos of your awesome home projects and feel a true sense of achievement.

Why should I decorate when stuck at home?

  • It's a great distraction
  • It creates a sense of achievement
  • It's a great motivator to stay active
  • You can create more peaceful spaces
  • You can tick off tasks you've always put off
  • It can be enjoyed together or alone

As you can see, there are some truly wonderful benefits of doing a little home decorating during extended time at home. From a positive impact on your mental health to getting you off your feet, the rewards are very real. So, if you know that there are more than a few jobs you can be getting on with at home, use this time wisely and get to it!

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