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As the sun starts to come out more and many of us are still spending most of our time at home, there has never been a better time to don your gardening gloves and attempt a new landscaping project. Whether you take it on alone or get the whole family involved, the sense of reward you'll feel when looking out over your new garden will feel wonderful. And, when friends and family can come over in the future, you'll be able to show off what you've achieved since the last time they visited.

From small jobs that will only take you an afternoon, to larger projects that can help remodel your outside space, we look at some of the best ways you can upgrade your garden.

Spruce up your flower beds


Flowerbeds really bring a garden space to life, and with so many different flowers to choose from you can create a completely unique composition that is perfect for your garden. Whether you are in love with romantic roses or brightly coloured pansies, and whether you have acres to spare or only a few pots to hand, you can create the perfect bed for your tastes.

Jane Harris Gardens offer help with garden designs online, and can give advice on everything from small projects to full garden redesign, if you get in touch with your garden measurements and some more information. We asked Jane what landscaping task she thinks is good to undertake, she told us: "Why not spruce up a flowerbed? Maybe it could have a colour theme - cool colours in the shade, or hot vivid colours in the sunshine. Include contrasting leaf shapes and textures, as well as considering flower colour."

Some flowers do take better when planted at certain times of the year, but you should be able to get advice from a local gardening centre or online, to find out what's currently in season.

Create a wildflower area

Wildflower Meadow

For those who love a more rustic effect, creating a wildflower area in your garden will offer a beautiful haven for local wildlife and require low maintenance. With speckles of different colours running through and a range of British flowers, wildflower meadows are becoming more popular every year.

SJ Ground Care is a company owned by Simon Jarvis, who offers garden maintenance. We asked Simon his recommendation for a landscaping project and he told us: "Establishing a wildflower meadow is the perfect use of your free time. Fewer people and cars around have meant that our native flora and fauna are getting a much-needed boost. This means that a wildflower meadow will have more chance of attracting the birds and bees that will make your garden a fabulous place to sit on a summers' day."

Simon even offered a simple guide on how to get started: "Find a small area of your garden, either a patch of lawn or in a flower bed, and devote it to wildflowers. Ideally, it needs to be sunny and have low nutrients, so not somewhere that you have been feeding or added lots of compost. If it is an existing lawn, then cut it as low as your mower will let you and then rake up all the moss and debris. Sprinkle on a wildflower mix, keep it watered for the first few weeks, and then sit back and enjoy."

Upgrade your fence and garden gate

New garden face

Something people don't often consider is upgrading their garden fence or gate in order to make a big change to the feel of the space. Many people fall into the habit of repainting a garden fence once a year but there is a lot to gain from arranging an update.

Your garden gate is the passage in and out of the garden, and for many is a first impression of the space. It can help keep pets and small children in and, when closed, can help feel like the outside world is blocked out.

Upgrading your fence needn't be as hard as it seems, provided you have basic DIY skills it's very doable, it may just need a few days set aside to do. Depending on whether you are replacing the whole fence or just the fence panels, you may need some different tools. However, we think this project can offer some fantastic end results.

Take a look at our collection of fence panels and gates for inspiration.

Find space for a pond

Garden Pond

You may have never thought of adding a water feature to your garden, but a pond can be a brilliant investment. With water plants and even wildlife, they are a wonderful, interesting feature and are especially loved by children. If your garden space allows, making room for a pond can add a tranquil element that requires minimal maintenance.

Alison is a keen gardener and shares stories of her pursuits on her blog, The Blackberry Garden. Alison told us: "My top landscaping project suggestion would be to find space for a pond. A pond can be as simple as a bowl that is large enough to accommodate a couple of water plants. If you have space for a pond in the ground that is, of course, a great addition but not everyone has the space or ability to create one. Even a small bowl will encourage wildlife to visit your garden. Birds will drink from it and soon water-borne insects appear as if by magic. A pond will bring great interest and joy to any outdoor space."

Add a decking space

Garden decking

For those who like to use their gardens as an extension of the home, you'll know that on a summer's evening there is no better place to spend time than outside. Whether enjoying a book in the sunshine or throwing a BBQ with friends and family, our gardens can be our favourite rooms to relax in and enjoy.

Decking is a great way to create a designated space in your garden to sit and relax. With a raised deck, you can walk out of the house on to your own little terrace or place it at the back of the garden for a raised area to overlook your home and outside space. Adding this by yourself is doable if you have some DIY skills and is really rewarding and can give you happiness for years to come.

Take a look at our range of Timber & Composite Decking to see what might work for you today.

It's not only gardens our team can help with, from kitchen remodels to construction supplies, our bathroom shops in Exeter are filled with plenty to inspire you and help you create your dream home.

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