2020 Interior design trends

Bright Lounge interior

Restyling your home is an exciting time for anyone with a passion for interior design. Deciding on colour schemes, style influences and creating Pinterest board after Pinterest board of inspiration can be just as wonderful as seeing the final result.

Every year, we see new home design trends enter the spotlight, and 2020 is no different. For those who plan to redecorate this year, we've highlighted some of the top 2020 home-style predictions. Read on to find out the trends we think are going to pop and learn more about how you can bring them into your space.

Trend #1: Global Inspiration

Warm terracotta interior

As the world becomes more connected, it's easier than ever to get your inspiration from across the ocean. And, this trend from global influence will explode in 2020, with people trying to bring inspiration from all over the world into their four walls.

A Pinterest spokesperson explained to Living Etc.: "As we all travel more and are exposed to more design influences and ideas abroad, it's only natural that those influences are reflected in our interiors. Today's travellers are prioritising meaningful activities like cooking classes and artisan visits over common tourist spots. Once they return home, they're trying to recreate those experiences on their plates and on their walls."

How to achieve Global Inspiration in your space:

Whether you love a hint of Moroccan culture or want to go for a more Scandi flare, looking online for inspiration is a must. The second-best thing after travelling to a country to explore its design is to 'visit' online, through images, social media and YouTube videos. So, do some research online, create a mood board of the elements you want to bring into your space and get working.

Trend #2: Colourful Walls and Abstract Influence

Abstract Painted Walls

Bright, clashing colours and bold abstract shapes are perfect for all manner of spaces, from children's rooms to living areas. And, whether you decide to mix a handful of colours, or just two, there are plenty of ways you can bring fun to your walls.

Indecor Trend explains: "Remember when the fashion trend of the moment was colour blocking? It's time for the interiors to embark on this joke. Having vibrant colours contrasting in the same environment is the order of the day - and they can appear in both wall graphics and geometric prints as well as bold styling combinations. The sky is the limit!"

How to achieve Colourful Walls and Abstract Influence in your space:

The best thing about adding colourful walls and abstract influence into your space is it can be a really personal thing with no hard and fast rules with how it should be done. Pick colours that you love and paint that feature wall, or even get the kids involved when taping off the wall to design abstract shapes and silhouettes.

Trend #3: Upcycled and Self-Made Elements

Knitting a Tea Cosy

As the world longs to be more eco-sustainable, not only do lifestyles have to change, but so do our homes and their interiors. Whilst we become more conscious about our usage and try to dial back on fast, throwaway items, interiors become the best place to show off your eco-consciousness.

Real Homes explain: "Fast fashion has been a hot topic all year. People are starting to think more about where all our bags full of clothes actually come from and what they are made of. And it looks like the same goes for things we buy for our homes. Many of us are trying to shop more sustainably, and in the interiors world, that means buying furniture made from local materials that have been sustainably sourced (if buying wooden pieces, look out for the FSC logo) or buying products made from recycled materials - think rugs made from plastic bottles."

How to achieve Upcycled and Self-Made Elements in your space:

Whether you love knitting or furniture-making, taking some time to upcycle or create the items in your home can bring a real personal touch. And with a little bit of time and patience, you'll have created something completely unique and original for your home that you can feel proud of. Alternatively, you can shop for more 'shabby chic' items to get the effect without the work. Look at the local stores around you who may provide this aesthetic, as buying local is a great way to get more unique items, and be more eco-conscious.

Trend #4: Natural Textures (and lots of them!)

Boho Living Room Design

Equally, as the world becomes more eco-conscious, being able to bring a more rustic feel indoors can be wonderful. Plants have been an incredibly popular addition to inside spaces for a few years now, and this trend is set to only maintain pace as natural textures come into play. Whether achieved with wood, or muted tertiary-toned furniture, there is an easy way to bring a natural, outdoorsy feel into your home.

Talking about the importance of textures, the team at Abigail Ahern told us: "Texture adds such interest to rooms, and I think it will get even bigger with people spending longer in their homes. Layering up different textures in very similar colours adds such a sophisticated vibe."

They also spoke about colours which can complement a more natural aesthetic: "There is a real trend towards restorative colours, hues that are tranquil, restful and calm. Living in a world that feels pretty crazy right now I think there is going to be a movement that embraces a more laid-back way of living, a little free of tech but which is soft and welcoming. Think greens, caramels and soft pinks."

Discussing natural elements and applying texture with biophilic design, interior designer Becky Shea told Elle Decor: "In a world where technology is evolving at the speed of light, we often forget about our primitive roots connected with earth and the benefits that nature has on our overall psyche. We believe that increasing our connectivity to nature directly or indirectly through biophilic design has health, environmental, and economic benefits. Adding a living wall or a low-maintenance biomontage wall to a little corner of your home makes your space beautiful while improving mental health and the overall ecosystem. It's simpler than you think, and the benefits are plentiful!"

How to achieve Natural Texture in your space:

Texture comes from layers, and the best way to get layers and natural texture in your space is to have a lot of elements and materials. Whether this means bringing more living areas into your home in the form of plants, window herb gardens, living walls, or by adding more tertiary furniture into a space, there is plenty you can do to incorporate natural textures. How far you choose to take it is up to you.

Trend #5: Old and New Combined

Old-style furniture in kitchen

'Grandmillenial' is a term people have been throwing around for about a year and describes a young person who sways towards dated styles. However, as this ideology has advanced, these trends have become more popular with all kinds of people, and bringing back olde-style features and juxtaposing them with the new is a design trend all of its own.

Discussing the originators of this trend, House Beautiful explains: "Ranging in age from mid-20s to late-30s, grandmillennials have an affinity for design trends considered by mainstream culture to be 'stuffy' or 'outdated' - Laura Ashley prints, ruffles, embroidered linens. Unlike that of the late-aughts hipster, their taste for the antiquated isn't ironic; it's less twee than timeless."

How to Combine Old and New in your space:

For most people, achieving old and new in their homes essentially involves bringing in older elements to complement their modern spaces. For those who are a dab hand at upcycling, car boot sales, online marketplaces and even dumps can be a gold mine for cheap items that just need some love. Alternatively, as this trend progresses, more and more homeware stores are bringing in items reminiscent of a bygone era, whilst being brand new.

Trend #6: Social Spaces

As more and more people are choosing to forgo going out for staying in, creating hosting areas within our homes is a natural progression. This trend allows us to think of our space as an area to entertain, and for those of us who love to host a gathering, this is a great trend.

The team at Abigail Ahern told us: "The lifestyle shift towards staying in is being reflected in all areas of our homes. I think the trend has come from restaurants, hotels and bars which are getting cooler and cooler to hang out in. So think mini bars in living rooms, outdoor rooms in gardens and studies in bedrooms."

How to make Space to Socialise in your space:

As the team from Abigail Ahern suggest, creating space to socialise is less about design and more about the features you have in your home. If you enjoy spending time in the garden, creating an outdoor kitchen is perfect. For those who like to entertain inside, creating a feature bar is a wonderful idea.

2020 interior design trends:

  • Global Inspiration
  • Colourful Walls and Abstract Influence
  • Upcycled and Self-Made Elements
  • Natural Textures
  • Old and New Combined
  • Social Spaces

For those who are looking to spruce up their whole house or just one space, we have a great range of building supplies which can help you achieve your goals. At our bathroom shops in Exeter, our trained staff can help you with projects all over the home, just pop into your local branch and ask.

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