Ibstock Staffordshire Slate Blue Smooth

Manufactured at Ibstock's Lodge Lane factory. A wirecut brick with a smooth texture used for all building types.

It is the simplicity of brick that is perhaps the key to its endurance. There is a latent power in a product made from earth, fire and water; a product that is at once ancient and yet, increasingly, applied in new and exciting ways.

Ibstock Staffordshire Slate Blue Smooth

The Assay Office’s new building, on the edge of Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter, is only the 4th home to the organisation since its inception in 1773. Its previous purpose-built premises on Newhall Street, a 5-storey building that had been extended and remodeled over a 150 year tenure, had, by the turn of the Millennium, been outgrown and proved impractical for the Office’s increasingly diverse processes.

To celebrate and acknowledge the importance of long standing relationships with key customers, a number of 215x215mm feature bricks, specially manufactured by Ibstock in matching Staffordshire Slate Blue Smooth to include individual sponsor marks and key hallmarking symbols, are prominently displayed within the brickwork facades. Above the principle entrance, a hand crafted anchor, the assay mark of the Birmingham Office, serves as a symbol of the Office’s faith in the industry it protects.

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