Van security tips for tradespeople: How to keep your van safe

Van security tips for tradespeople: How to keep your van safe



The security of a van is of key concern for any tradesman. They play such a crucial role in day-to-day operations that it’s important we do everything we can to keep them safe. For those who are looking to beef up their van security, protecting not only the vehicle itself but any tools and building materials contained inside, this article offers a selection of security tips to consider.


Upgrade your van’s locks


In order to prevent your van from being stolen and its contents taken, upgrading your vehicle’s locks can make a world of difference. Thieves are often sophisticated and a traditional lock on your van doors likely won’t pose much resistance. The good news is that there are other locking systems you can try that will give you more peace of mind.


From hooklocks and deadlocks to protection plates, there are lots of options. Van Guard is one company that can help upgrade your van’s locks, sharing: “We manufacture a wide range of van lock and van security products that enable tradespeople of the UK and Europe to truly maximise their vehicle’s security. Our high quality, British manufactured van security locks help protect van owners from a growing tool theft epidemic by giving them a vast amount of security solutions to choose from.”


Install a GPS tracker


Of course, the ideal scenario is that your van doesn’t get stolen in the first place but if the worst should happen, it’s a good idea to have some measures in place for its recovery. This is where a GPS tracker can come in, allowing you to track your van’s location in order to help the police recover your property and bring the criminals to justice.


Tracker Fit is a company that provides vehicle tracking solutions, including a number of options suitable for vans. Tracker Fit explains: “Secure your van with one of our top-of-the-range, reliable van trackers - an affordable means of protecting and securing your van. Our selection of van trackers can monitor your vehicle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - giving you complete peace of mind.”


Set up a sophisticated alarm system


A simple alarm that comes as standard on your van might not be enough to keep your van safe. If you keep your tools in your van or store materials for your projects inside, such as new bathroom taps and heating boilers, consider going for something a little more advanced. Why not opt for an alarm with a higher decibel level or one that sends an alert to your phone, letting you know that a theft is in place wherever you are?


Pandora offers sophisticated van alarms, which can work with your smartphone and provide an array of features like a Bluetooth sensor: “The Smart Pro Van is the only GSM based Thatcham approved alarm system in the world. The security system comes with Bluetooth ID Tags, real time tracking & smartphone control through both Bluetooth & GSM. The Smart Pro Van is a new type of van security system, designed to put you in full control of your vehicle through your smartphone.”



Put your tools in a security box



While the best idea is to avoid storing your tools in your van for prolonged periods, especially overnight, if you must keep your work tools inside, investing in a security box will be wise. While you can put a simple padlock on any existing toolbox you might have, there are more advanced options available to tradespeople. Take Van Vault for example, which offers a selection of security box solutions, with reinforced lids and their trademarked VAULTLOCK™ locking system:

“Van Vault is the leading name in secure storage containers. We design, develop and make quality theft-prevention storage boxes. We’ve done the research and rigorous testing... when we say tough, we mean it. From our years of knowledge and experience, you get a quality product that works.”


Utilise a steering wheel lock


If a thief were to bypass your van’s exterior security and try to drive away with the vehicle, you might want to have a mechanism in place to prevent them from driving. A steering wheel lock that covers the entire wheel is incredibly hard to remove and will provide a big deterrent to criminals. Disklok is one of the major players in this field, with their wheel lock spinning on attack to prevent the wheel from being turned.


Park your van somewhere safe



Where you park your van is also a key method of keeping it safe. Assess your current parking situation – for example, perhaps you are currently parking it in a spot where the lighting is poor – and move it to a more secure location.


Van leasing site Vanarama advise: “Parking your van outside your house, on your driveway or in a garage is best, but somewhere well-lit if you have to park on the road is good too. Lots of people have taken to buying CCTV cameras to monitor their vans overnight - some have even bought fake cameras which are just as good a deterrent. Motion-detecting lights are also a great investment to fit outside your house - no potential thief wants to suddenly be in the spotlight!”


Use a dashcam


Another great weapon in your arsenal is utilising a dash cam to pick up any suspicious activity around your van. If someone were to break in and steal something from inside, a dashcam will record the activity, helping you when you make a police report.


Kits-N-Bits, who offer a number of van accessories such as alarms and immobilisers, share: “Many dash cams have a parking mode with a motion sensor that will pick up people or objects moving nearby. That means it will detect thieves who want to take items from inside the van, but you’ll need to keep it mounted out of sight.”


Tips for securing your van


  • Upgrade your van’s locks
  • Install a GPS tracker
  • Set up a sophisticated alarm system
  • Put your tools in a security box
  • Utilise a steering wheel lock
  • Park your van somewhere safe
  • Use a dashcam


We hope the above tips prove useful and keep your van safe. Vans are the lifeblood of a tradesperson’s profession so doing all you can to keep the vehicle and its contents secure is important.


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