The best podcasts for those in a trade

The best podcasts for those in a trade

As a tradesperson, it’s important to always be learning and advancing. Whether that’s keeping up to date with the latest pipe insulation on the market or advancing your business acumen, there are many ways to improve yourself and what you can offer clients.

For those who are looking to grow, podcasts can be an invaluable resource and there are some wonderful trade and construction podcasts available now. In this article, we list some top recommendations.

The Art of Construction

It would be wrong to say that Art of Construction is just a podcast, as the team also offer education and seminars on growing your business as a tradesperson, however, the podcast is a wonderful listen for business owners. Offering business, sales and marketing advice to those who work within the construction industry, it helps give you the information you need as a business owner but ensures it’s relevant to the sector you operate in.

The Tradesman Experience

The Tradesman Experience is our next suggestion. Part of a monthly membership programme designed to help tradespeople improve their leadership and business skills, The Tradesman Experience Podcast is hosted by Nathan Newton and Josh Huite. Although an American-based podcast, the lessons and insights Nathan and Josh share can be applied to tradespeople anywhere.

We spoke to Josh, who told us what inspired them to start the podcast: “As tradespeople, we have allowed a stigma to be placed upon us that is demeaning and unfair. I have been a tradesman my entire life and for most of that time, I was not proud of what I was. This is due to the negativity that comes with choosing a career in the trades.

“My mission with The Tradesman Experience is to elevate the skilled trades through leadership and operations. Create awareness of opportunities and set a new standard. The Tradesman Experience podcast allows me to reach people, connect with leaders and coach skilled trades businesses so they become successful.”

Josh also told us the one piece of advice he regards as the most important for tradespeople to hear: “It takes a lot of grit, a strong mind and thick skin to be successful in the trades. Leadership is everything.”

House Planning Help

For those embarking on the project of a self-build, or who are looking for eco-tips that can be used when house building, Home Planning Help is a wonderful resource.

The team at House Planning Help explained why they got started: “House Planning Help is an exploration into how we should be building today, set against a backdrop of climate change and numerous environmental challenges. We also believe that it is possible to create healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient homes that tread lightly on the planet. Our website is a mixture of practical advice and inspiration for anyone embarking on a house build.”

We also asked them for their one piece of advice they’d offer to those in the trades industry: “It is entirely possible to create better buildings and we need tradespeople and construction workers to help us achieve this by upskilling and focusing their work in the high-performance sector of the market.”

The Electrical Show Podcast

From Fix Radio, The Electrical Show is a podcast and radio segment hosted by Thomas Nagy. The episodes are often no longer than 20 minutes in length, making it a great coffee-break listen and Thomas is also often joined by some great guests from the electrical industry.



99% Invisible

Good design is everywhere, and in many cases, the better the design the less likely we are to notice it. 99% Invisible looks to make people notice and discuss the unnoticed architecture and design in the world around us. A review from the Chicago Tribune on the podcast has this to say: “Across a decade now, after more than 430 episodes, 99% Invisible still explains itself as a podcast about design. Which, as the cliché goes, is like saying Moby-Dick is a novel about whales. 99% Invisible, episode after episode, is really about the difference between what you see and a designer sees, what you see and an architect sees, what you see and an engineer sees.”


Our final suggestion is Re:Construction, a weekly podcast by The Construction Index. Hosted by two ex-construction industry journalists, it discusses the week’s events in the industry and ongoing news that might be of interest to those in the business – including political changes that will have an impact. For those who are looking to stay in the know on the bigger picture, this is the podcast for you.

The best podcasts for those in a trade

  • The Art of Construction
  • The Tradesman Experience
  • House Planning Help
  • The Electrical Show Podcast
  • 99% Invisible
  • Re:Construction


These are just some of the amazing podcasts available, so plug in and get listening to learn more. And, for your supply needs, RGB Builders’ Merchants has you covered.


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