Advice on safety boots and shoes for construction sites

Advice on safety boots and shoes for construction sites

For those working on construction sites, uniform and safety equipment are an everyday occurrence and are often commonly found upon those working. With heavy machinery, wood, timber, wet and damp conditions and chemicals often around the site, health and safety restrictions are commonplace. This being said, items like overalls, hi-vis and safety boots and shoes are almost always essential and those without them would not be allowed to work. In this article, we take a look at advice and guidance for those looking to buy a new set of work boots or shoes as well as a few details on some of the safety boots you can find at RGB.


Kevin McGuire owner and founder of Metro Precision Painting knows a thing or two about safety boots and shoes and explains why he thinks they are one of the most important items of safety equipment: “As a painter, I know a thing or two about what quality footwear is required for my job. I can’t stress enough how important it is to wear the right type of work boots or shoes for whatever type of job you’re doing. Painting, carpentry, construction, farming, roofing or any job that keeps you on your feet all day isn’t the easiest way to earn a living. It takes more fortitude, perseverance and determination for it to be your career. If you’re not prepared you’re going to pay the price. The wrong footwear can be hazardous to your physical wellbeing. Imagine being on a 10 or 12-foot ladder with steel-toed work boots that are too heavy or have no front support. If you’re in a drop zone with no error zone, make sure you have steel-toed work boots with slip resistance. It’s important to be able to trust your footwear with your life.”


Why safety boots and shoes are important


An obvious benefit of wearing safety footwear is to prevent accidents and injuries, but there are plenty of other benefits that help those who work on their feet for 8-12 hours a day. The blog Dumb Little Man has written about this topic and explained the importance of footwear a little more on their website:

“Safety boots aren’t the most glamorous footwear you can take to work. They also aren’t the lightest ones for your feet. Surprisingly, however, safety boots offer a lot of benefits not just for your feet but your general health as well. They can even affect your productivity at work.”

Prevent injuries

Steel toe-capped wellies and boots are great for protecting the toes from heavy objects, nails and much more. This feature is found on almost every safety boot and prevents thousands of injuries every year. The thick material that hugs the foot is sturdy and offers support for the feet and internal bones, especially for those who are undertaking lots of manual jobs and are walking on uneven surfaces that may otherwise cause sprains or broken bones.

Improve posture

It may sound silly, but wearing the correct footwear can help your posture greatly. If your feet are comfortable, the rest of your body is going to be comfortable as they are the base for the rest of your body and weight. Uncomfortable footwear can cause the body to hunch or strain which can cause long term effects including backaches and sore feet.

Extra comfort

A well-fitting boot or shoe is going to offer greater comfort than a shoe that doesn’t fit properly and gives the foot space to move around and rub. A loose shoe can encourage blisters and sores as the fabric rubs against the skin. Abby from the company Clooms spoke to us about the importance of safety boots: “Ah, the safety boot. Sturdy, reliable, and an essential piece of kit for anyone working around any type of construction site. But finding the right pair is tricky - with so many to choose from, it's hard to know whether you're looking at the perfect boot for you.”


How to pick the right boots or shoes

There are numerous things to think about if you are planning to buy your safety shoes yourself, these things may sound simple and unnecessary but they will ensure you are picking the perfect shoe that’ll suit your job role correctly.

Jo from the blog Tea and Cake for the Soul explains the importance of choosing the right boots: “When choosing your safety shoes or boots, it is vital that you ensure they fit well. Sizes can come up differently between brands and even styles. It's no good having shoes or boots that offer protection from outside factors if they cause blisters or pain from not fitting properly.”

Your job position

Although you may work on a construction site like many other site workers, different jobs have different tasks and different footwear requirements meaning that those who have different roles need to think about this when choosing their new safety boots or shoes.

If you’re working on a site around water and damp conditions, you may want to invest in some super waterproof boots or a welly version. This is something Kevin mentioned we all need to consider when choosing the right shoe: “Buyers need to make sure they choose the right type of work boot or shoe for their job. Whether it is slip-resistant, high traction or puncture resistant.”

The shoe material

The shoe material is almost as important as the fit. You want your shoe to last and with heavy-duty work, it needs to be thick, sturdy and waterproof. Great safety boots are often made out of leather and offer a padded tongue and extra high cut off for ankle protection.

Indoor or outdoor use

Of course, you will need to consider where you will be wearing your shoes. If you are a plumber or carpenter and primarily work indoors then the waterproof feature may not be as important to you but high comfort levels might. On the other hand, if you’re a builder then waterproofing is one of the most important features.


RGB boots and shoes

If you’re looking for a trusted and reliable brand of safety shoe boot or welly, then take a look at the selection of boots and wellies RGB has to offer and available in a selection of sizes.

Safety equipment could prevent nasty injuries, so ensuring yours is up to date and of the best quality is important. Check out our range of workwear and PPE for a selection of great brands at affordable prices.

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