Our favourite home design influencers you should follow

Our favourite home design influencers you should follow

Looking for a little home design and interiors inspiration? There are some top home influencers out there to follow, whether that be on social media platforms like Instagram or on a series of incredible blogs. If you are a DIY enthusiast, are wanting to spruce up your home, or just love scrolling through beautiful images of picture-perfect home interiors, keep reading. Here we have highlighted some of our favourite Instagram account and home interior influences that you should follow.

Lydia Millen Home

Lydia Millen is a name that anyone interested in home interiors should get familiar with. Her Instagram, @lydiamillenhome, is described as “Modern Rustic Country Living” and this blogger and YouTube star’s Instagram account is replete with inspiring imagery of her beautiful home.

With over 300k followers on Instagram, her home decor influence reaches far and wide. Every room of her home seems to ooze style and elegance, making her account the perfect stop for anyone who wants to get inspired for their own endeavours or just wallow in some home envy.

Lydia also has a blog that you can enjoy, featuring plenty of home interiors tips. Speaking about her style influences, Lydia says: “I’d say the biggest inspirations behind my style are the seasons. I’m completely enchanted by them and find so much beauty in the natural changes, colours and tones that effortlessly come and go with each seasonal change, so much so that it even extends to my home and where I can use as much natural texture and tone to really mirror what’s outside and blur the lines between the two.”

Home Interior Photo

At Lucy’s House

For those on the hunt for a home interior design Instagram to follow dripping with style, At Lucy’s House (@at_lucys_house) is a great place to start.

Run by Lucy Whitehouse, here you will discover inspiration aplenty for your own home styling goals, with not just plenty of beautiful photos of her modern home, but also video clips where Lucy offers her advice and recommendations for an assortment of home interior projects. For example, Lucy has explained how she created her own scaffold board shelf and her tips for bathroom renovations.

If you are looking for more than aspirational photos on Instagram to scroll through, Lucy also offers Zoom consultations, helping you to transform your home into a place of stylish perfection.

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The House that Jen Built

Next up is Liverpool-based mum and Instagrammer Jennifer over at @thehousethatjenbuilt_. The vibrant and characterful home she has created is showcased to stunning effect for her 100,000 + followers to devour. She posts plenty of updates of her own DIY efforts, such as clips of how she transformed her boys’ bedroom.

The House that Jen Built is definitely an inspirational account but it is also incredibly accessible. Jennifer’s home doesn’t seem impossibly out of reach but a goal all of us could reach with a little hard work and nudge in the right direction.

Followers of Jen might be in for plenty of inspiration soon as at the time of publishing this article she has had an offer accepted on a new home, which she describes as a “doer-upper”. Hopefully, this will lead to plenty of helpful tips and motivational home interior snaps as she goes about making her new house into a home.

Mad About the House

The award-winning interiors writer and journalist Kate Watson-Smyth is behind one of the UK’s most popular home interiors blogs as well as an equally impressive Instagram account, @mad_about_the_house.

Mad About the House is replete with a copious amount of inspiration for those looking to embark on their own home transformation project. There are colourful photos galore of her character-rich home on Instagram, a host of helpful blog posts for would-be DIYers, and Kate even has her own podcast!

Kate’s podcast, co-hosted with TV presenter and designer Sophie Robinson, is called The Great Indoors, and takes you through all the top trends, described as “a celebration of all things interiors and everything you need to know about making your house a home.”

Colourful living room interior


Come Down to the Woods

Mum of four Katie Woods invites visitors to her blog, Come Down to the Woods, and Instagram account to explore her favourite place on Earth; her home. With nearly a quarter of a million followers on Instagram (@comedowntothewoods) and plenty more on her blog, Katie shares her passion for interior design and the fruits of her renovation project.

On her blog, you can see amazing before and after shots of her renovated home and a host of fantastic tips based articles such as ‘how to make your home Instaworthy’. Describing her renovation efforts, Katie says: “In the two short years that we have been here, we have transformed it from a peach palace to a haven for all my design ideas, a real feast for the senses.”

Just as equally, she has one of the best interior design Instagram’s around. It’s a must for all home decor lovers, with her regular photos and clips providing all the inspiration you could ask for, chock full of colour, style, and quirky features you might not have thought of.

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Gemma Louise

Gemma Louise blogs and posts to her Instagram (@Gemellisx) about all things home, lifestyle and motherhood. Gemma describes herself as “a huge lover of interiors and beauty products” and when you combine that with her love for photography you have a match made in heaven with home interior inspiration aplenty.

Gemma’s home isn’t merely a studio for beautiful photos, it’s a living, breathing environment for her family to inhabit and this comes across instantly in her snaps posted to Instagram. Her home looks like one you could walk into and instantly live in. It’s relatable and cosy but just a whole lot more stylish than most of our own.

She has posted about redoing her child’s bedroom with natural tones and colourful accessories and providing her followers with ideas on everything from shelves to bedroom panels. So if you want to know how to create the perfect gallery wall or simply more home inspo sent to your Instagram feed, start following Gemma Louise. We think she will become one of your new favourite Instagram accounts.

Young Huh

Young Huh is one of the most noteworthy designers in the world and the founder of Young Huh Interior Design. Her professional background gives this acclaimed US-based designer a pedigree few can match but aside from her day job, she brings her expertise to her popular Instagram page @younghuh.

On her Instagram she posts a bonanza of beautiful photos from her stunning work with her various clients, providing some wonderful inspiration for all of us home DIYers. If you want to keep on top of current trends, discover gorgeous colour schemes that will work for your home, or just enjoy interior design at its best, Young Huh’s Instagram is certainly the place to be.

Don’t just scroll through her Instagram without reading the captions, however, as here Young Huh often provides tips for her followers or explains what she was aiming for and the inspiration behind her own designs.

Living Room interior photo

The Spacemaker Interiors

Headed by Peter Grech, The Spacemaker Interiors is a full-service interior design company, committed to designing beautiful spaces for their clients, turning houses into homes with an eclectic approach to interior design.

You can check out their fantastic blog for a series of awesome interviews with leading figures in interior design as well as some fantastic tips-based articles on great topics such as creating the ultimate home office.

Peter Grech is the man-behind The Spacemaker, an award-winning interior designer, and his Instagram, @thespacemaker_interiors, projects his contemporary twist on classic interiors right to our feeds. There is countless inspiration to be found here, where Peter shares lots of aesthetically pleasing snaps of his work with client’s homes. Take advantage of Peter’s incredible eye for home décor and give him a follow.

Home interior design social media influencers you should follow

• Lydia Millen Home
• At Lucy’s House
• The House that Jen Built
• Mad About the House
• Come Down to the Woods
• Gemma Louise
• Young Huh
• The Spacemaker

Whether you need living room decor ideas or dining room tips, the above influences are must-follows. So if you are ready to get started on your own project, take some inspiration from the above and come to us here at RGB for all your decorating supplies and must have building materials.

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